At SF Drum School, I teach students of all ages and backgrounds: children to adults, beginners to advanced. I have over twenty-five years professional experience encompassing rock, classical, theater, jazz and everything in-between.

David is a fantastic teacher

I worked with him on my free stroke for a number of weeks and was impressed with him as an educator, a player, and just an all around awesome and funny guy.
It's rare to find all of that in a teacher and I would highly recommend him to other students!

Andrew W

Dear David

Thank you so much for all your fantastic work with our SI percussionists! Your piece is terrific! It was such a great experience for them to work on it with you. Thanks for all your dedication.

Dr. Gillian Clement Instrumental Music Director Saint Ignatius College Prep

Wanted to let you know I just graduated from Oberlin. Now I'm in Cleveland about to study at CIM.

None of that would have happened if you didn't get me into SOTA so David, thank you so much. Every time I focus on technique, I remember all the stuff you taught me. Especially the wrist flick!

Chris C

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I knew that the key to better playing was having a sound grasp of rudiments and correct stick technique, both of which David was able to help with through tailor-made weekly exercises. Highly recommended for both experienced players and beginners!

Robert S

David worked with our son to prepare him for his SOTA High School audition. David understood exactly what was required for the audition and put together a rigorous plan, including helping him select the right musical pieces. Success! Our son got an offer from SOTA and is thrilled (and so are we!)

Nick S

So far, so good. My 5 year old son is enrolled with David. He just had his 3rd lesson. He really looks forward to his lessons, and David is very patient, which is essential to teaching a 5 year old anything. Looking forward to continuing with David, as is my son.

David B

I'm writing this review not as a student, but as a musician, and one who was very impressed. David is a pro and a pleasure to work with.  He knows his stuff, can switch genres easily, has great technique, is very musical, and is easy going to boot.This guy displayed a lot of great chops, good control, awareness of the situation (sensed when I wanted the tempo pulled back a bit) and when we threw a solo his way he expressed himself well. Musicians share a lot of unspoken cues and he caught 100% of them.

- William G